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Unsolicited Student Comments

650!! (42 Quantitative!!) Thank you so much for your help with everything! — J. M. 10/08

Another data point to add to your amazing track record! I’m going to write [...] and let him know that you are indeed a miracle worker! — A.P. 12/07

As we’ve discussed, your work is something quite special b/c it gets your students to penetrate their minds in terms of self-awareness. I can’t thank you enough for the patience and really, I feel the learning changed the way I think about myself, and the way I think about thinking. — J.B. 1/10

As you predicted, some of the reading and critical reasoning questions were much tougher than what I had seen on practice tests and questions. Nevertheless my score is so much better to work with! I believe the score breakdown was 44M - 36V. I appreciated your services and will give you more feedback after I finish writing essays. — H.P. 12/08

because of my gmat scores i got half off my tuition and saved about $25k. — A.O. 11/06

First I want to say thank you for your help. I think that after meeting with you, I built the confidence necessary to take the exam. Your technique of breaking things down into small pieces was very helpful during my retake. My total score was a 680.
— J.M. 12/08

Hey seth- I took the gmat this morning at got a 670 (42 Q 40 V).. I got a little flustered on the quant section but I’m pretty happy with my overall score.. Thank you for all of the help! — A.H. 5/12

I am certainly pleased with the results…in math, I am extremely impressed — D.M. 5/06

I am very pleased with the results of our sessions. You taught me exactly what I, or anyone, really needs to know. — G.D. 8/09

I appreciate your patience and support on training for the exam and, although it wasn’t your intention, I wanted to express my thanks because it also helped me make progress in other areas. — P.R. 6/07

i believe that in the end, the way you helped me look at the problems is ultimately what gave me that extra push. — B.D. 9/06

I bumped my math score 10 points (49 from 39) and over the 80% mark (89% from 57%). I’m very pleased. — A.G. 10/07

I could not have increased my score without your invaluable help. You taught me so much more than just how to do well on the GMAT. Thank you for all of your advice and guidance. — K.L. 12/07

I did well. Scored a 48 on Quant and a 41 on Verbal for a 730….Thanks for all of your help! I appreciate it. — J.G. 4/12

I got 710 so am very satisfied. I actually found the math to be easier than expected (probably because of all the tricks you taught me) and got 48 or 49, better than I had done on any of the practice exams. Unfortunately I only got 37 on verbal, worse than all the practice exams. But it ended up evening out back to a 710 overall, which is definitely where I wanted to be. Thanks again for all your help. There is really no way I could have gone from a 580 to a 710 without you. If you ever need a reference you can count on me! — G.A. 9/10

I got a 680 Q48 V35. The method you taught me turned out to be pretty useful, and I’m actually quite happy with my quantitative score. The time I spent working with you was worth every penny. Thanks for having agreed to help me. — A.C. 12/11

i had been repeating built up intellectual biases that were expressly tested,… biases reinforced by the prior kaplan courses i took. All i can say is I more than doubled my quant score… this was one of the most fascinating, introspective experiences of my life. — N.T. 2/10

I have never done so well on a standardized exam in my life. Thank you so very much for all your tutelage. I really appreciate all that you taught me. You were informative, knowledgeable, dedicated and patient. — N.L. 6/07

I have to say thank you, very much, for all your help. The sessions we had really helped me get some basic, applicable-to-almost-every-question skills under my belt, and also got my confidence up, which made a very difficult section a bit less intimidating on test day. — D.P. 9/07

I just wanted to let you know how I did on the GMAT. I got a 680! I can’t thank you enough for your help. It made a huge difference for me. — E.B. 9/10

I know I NEVER would have been able to score so high on the math without your help. — J.B. 6/07

I reported the scores to the Director of Admissions at Baruch and I was called back for an interview which I had earlier today. Things are looking good so far and I have to give you one more BIG thanks for the help, support, and for giving me a great learning experience. — R.F. 7/11

I took my GMAT on saturday and got a 710! My break down was 44 quant and 45 verbal. And I was 92 percentile overall, 98% verbal, 70% quant. Thank you for helping me to this point! I more than appreciate your help! — T.L. 9/10

I took the GMAT today and scored 710 with a 48M/40V split. It’s scary how accurate that GMAT Prep software is. Anyways thanks for your help. — J.X. 1/09

I took the GMAT today and scored a 640, Q42, V35. Great improvement from last time (550). — S.S. 11/08

I took the test this morning and scored a 670. Breakdown was math 44, verbal 38. I’m really happy with the score and thank you for all your help. The improvement was exactly where it needed to be and I really believe this is a good reflection of my ability level. Thanks for getting me to a place where I could stay level headed and take a step back from cramming all the formulas and algebra and focus on the mechanics of the actual test. — M.F. 7/11

I wanted to update you and thank you. You played a huge part in my bschool candidancy. Long story short is that since taking the GMAT on 1/5/10 and getting a 520, I retook it on 2/15/10, scored a 650, then was accepted into McCombs (UT) as well as Cornell and I am now just waiting to hear back from Columbia. — H.M. 3/10

I’m happy with the overall result, so thanks again for your help in getting me there, I really appreciate it! — L.L. 8/06

It was a pleasure working with you and thank you for not giving up on me. — L.O. 3/08

Just thought I’d update you. I ended up taking the test one more time this past weekend because I didn’t feel that my score represented my potential. I ended up with a 720, a score I am very happy with. — I.S. 9/10

Just took the test, got a 700 (48 q, 38 v). Thanks for all your help! — C.C. 8/11

My math improved dramatically which was my goal and I credit most of that to your lessons. — E.L. 8/07

not only did i get accepted, they gave me a scholarship! nearly half. this is attributable to “academic excellence” (eg, my 720). i believe i invested about $2000 into our sessions. because of it, i’m now getting $30,000. nice return! thanks again. — D.K. 4/07

OMG Seth! Yes, I retook the test and jumped 60 pts and now I’m headed to Univ of Michigan this fall. Thanks so much. — S.C. 6/09

Seth, I just retook the GMAT yesterday and scored a 650 (Q42, V38). I reached out to all the schools and they seemingly accepted this new score as part of my Round II application. Fantastic! I want to thank you for the great advice and guidance you provided during our mentor sessions and through our phone calls, emails and text messages. Using your methods of deduction on the questions really paid off as well as smart guessing on those questions above my skill level. Thanks again and feel free to use this as a testimonial! I will surely recommend you to others in the MLT program. — A.N 2/11

Seth, I wanted to let you know that I scored a 730 on my practice exam today — 47 Quant / 42 Verbal. Whether or not I break the magical 700 barrier on Wednesday during the real exam, I wanted to thank you for your help. You armed me with a new set of tools that transformed how I approached solving questions on this exam. [From a student who scored a 700 on the actual exam] — L.F. 3/12

So good news—I took the test last week and scored a 710! The biggest shift I needed to make was to think differently about which questions I was going to answer, and where I was getting problems wrong. Before, taking 2+ minutes on the early problems, I was getting the first half of the test completely right, then fifty percent right after that, during which time my score would plummet. Once I redistributed my time, I was scoring 80th percentile. — K.M. 1/13

So I managed to really surprise myself with my results, and I’m sure they will do the same to you….I didn’t even imagine being able to get my scores that high. — M.M. 12/06

Thank you for all of your help and effort. Your way of thinking and approaching problems is very applicable to many other situations beyond the GMAT. Keep it up. — D.D. 3/11

Thank you for your help with the GMAT. I was able to increase my score by 100 points! : ) I stuck to the methodology you suggested on the verbal and drastically increased my score. — C.E. 6/09

Thank you very much for your help and support while I prepared for the GMAT. It was a pleasure to work with you…..It definitely turned out even better than I had planned! — J.L. 3/07

Thanks Seth. Your lessons have encouraged me to reflect on my critical thinking both professionally and personally. — C.C. 11/12

You may be pleased (although probably not as pleased as I am) to know that I got a 710 today on the gmat. That is a big jump from 600! While not perfect I am certainly more than content with the score and it should be enough to seal the deal at Columbia. — B.L. 10/10

Your tutoring helped me a great deal. It’s more evident in my verbal score….The critical thinking skills that you taught for math questions carried over. — M.C. 6/07